Letters to the Editor

Miami’s COSMOS helping furloughed federal workers

While our politicians are debating about building a wall on the southern border to provide security, they have successfully built a wall of poverty around more than 800,000 tax paying American citizens.

While they debate when to end the misery of our affected citizens, Coalition of South Florida Muslim Organizations (COSMOS) has initiated projects to alleviate the suffering of these hard working furloughed citizens.

Through its coalition partners, Islamic Foundation of South Florida, based in Sunrise, and Islamic School of Miami, based in Kendall, we will be distributing free food packets to all those in need. This is not a one-time distribution but will continue until our leadership decides to reopen the government.

In addition to free food baskets, another coalition partner, UHI CommunityCare Clinic, based near Miami Gardens, will provide free medical care to all those affected by the shutdown.

There is no reason citizens of the richest country in the world should suffer due to political bickering, and we will make sure that no one in our community suffers from sickness and hunger during this standoff.

For more information on these services, please email cosmosfla@gmail.com or call 305-283-2261.

Shabbir Motorwala,