Letters to the Editor

Traveler thanks Miamians who came to her rescue

I was visiting Miami a few weeks ago. I arrived on Dec. 12, had a fall on the 13th, and returned home on the 14th.

I wish to thank the good Samaritans who came to my aid when I fell around lunchtime, on Biscayne Boulevard, diagonally opposite the Intercontinental Hotel. I am being specific because I wanted the kind citizens to know how heartwarming it was for me, a solo traveler, to be helped. These people stayed with me and brought me water.

Two young men also came to my aid who happened to be doctors. Then another young man in a suit came along. Everyone tried to get me up, but I kept fainting and so the young man in the suit called for help.

None of these strangers left my side until three gorgeous firemen came to my rescue. They were professional and their manner soothing. With humor and a bit of cajoling, they checked me out and said they were going to take me for a view of the bay, but from the hospital. I didn’t even ask for their names.

I was taken to Mercy Hospital. Throughout, I was treated with dignity, not the horror stories we hear of the U.S. health system. I was looked after, X-rayed, and told I had a broken arm, and only then asked if I had travel insurance (which I did, thankfully). Then Mercy provided me with transport back to my hotel.

The hotel staff at Travelodge by Wyndham were wonderful with their support. United Airlines’ wheelchair staff looked after me throughout plane changeovers.

I brought home my painful broken arm, was in hospital for six days, and rehab for a week. I’m now home writing with only one hand. But I wanted to share my appreciation for all the kindnesses of perfect strangers in particular in Miami and your beautiful country. I hope the good Samaritans will read this.

Vera Link,

Melbourne, Australia