Letters to the Editor

Use CRA for homeless

As a strong supporter of homeless women and children, I note with interest the uninformed and uninvolved attacks on homeless people — and the crusade of Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, who is involved in the Downtown Development Authority’s criticism of the head of the Homeless Trust, Ron Book, who serves as a volunteer and has worked tirelessly to alleviate homelessness.

Sarnoff is misinformed if he thinks temporary street bathrooms will solve homelessness. The only thing that will solve homelessness is shelter housing, as well as social services. It is a sham that the community redevelopment agencies of Omni and Overtown, whose purpose is to eliminate blight and slums and provide affordable housing, have given away millions of dollars to wealthy developers over the years.

A prime example is the $88 million that has been given to Miami World Center. A development with a Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and condominiums and hotels. It doesn’t sound like blight to me. Why hasn’t any of this money gone towards meaningful solutions for people experiencing homelessness?

It is times that these CRAs, which are our community-redevelopment agencies, cease giving money away to politically connected real-estate developers and their cronies and look after the people who have human needs, which is what they are designed for.

Martin Margulies, Key Biscayne