Letters to the Editor

Support efforts to fight Ebola

The risk of Ebola reaching the United States is not all that far-fetched as reported in the Sept. 22 letter Ebola rages on in West Africa. The disease has struck West Africa with a vengeance — a fact well noted by South Florida’s Nigerian-American community.

Nigeria will celebrate its 54th year of independence from British rule in October. It will be celebrated locally by honoring those who keep Nigeria’s interest close to heart. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, along with several local activists, will be honored on Oct. 4 at the Newport Beachside Hotel. They will receive the Friends of Nigeria award.

Wilson has initiated a campaign to make the world aware of the serious issues facing Nigeria, particularly as it relates to the abduction of more than 200 girls by the Boko Haram. At the event, sponsors will support the World Health Organization’s efforts by collecting gloves, gowns and masks to distribute to the healthcare workers who are at the forefront of fighting Ebola. We should all support WHO to make sure that Ebola is controlled so that the economic progress made by the affected African countries is not stifled.

Joseph Obadeyi and Nse Essiet, Nigerian American Foundation, Miami