Letters to the Editor

Kids survive spanking

Leonard Pitts is so right in his Sept. 21 column, Sometimes, spanking is not abuse. Spanking and beating a child are not the same.

A few taps on the rear of a headstrong child will usually get their attention. I believe football player Adrian Peterson is truly sorry, and people tend to do what they’ve learned growing up. My sister’s friend’s Italian mother threw pots and pans at her, but apparently never hit her, and she survived.

One time I spanked my niece because she would hide among the clothes racks at KMart. I had other nieces with me and couldn’t find her and had to leave the store. I spanked her hard and then felt sorry.

In later years she’s said, “I love you, Aunt Bev. I was so bad then, I deserved it.” None of my nieces or nephews would disrespect their parents in public.

You must have control of your child while they are growing up or else you’ll have a teenager with problems and who will dictate to you.

Never have any of ours been in trouble with the law; instead, they have gravitated to various jobs in law enforcement.

Beverly Wickham, Hollywood