Letters to the Editor

Let us let forgiveness and tolerance heal America this holiday

Former first lady Michelle Obama’s admission that she does not forgive President Trump doesn’t hurt him but ensures a resentful heart on her part.

America’s empathy for the Jewish people shines in contrast with the spirit of grace and peace as we hear Tree of Life Synagogue Rabbi Jeffrey Myers speaking of forgiveness after the massacre at his house of worship.

It is forgiveness through God’s grace, which will enable America to eventually overcome in her struggle for harmony at home — and it will ultimately triumph. God’s grace and favor is returning to America through Trump’s governmental actions.

For his continued success, President Trump must turn sharply left now, usurping the opposition’s agenda — as former President Bill Clinton did after midterms — solidifying the center where his base now stands, by taking over the progressive agenda.

Like most Americans, I am an admirer of both former and current first ladies Melania Trump and Michelle Obama, admiring the personalities and strength of each. I pray for a spirit of harmony and grace surrounding these women, embracing the new House and Senate representatives and the Jewish people in Pittsburgh and throughout the world.

May His grace cover legislators who introduce environmental legislation, election and unified immigration reform, universal health care — and all the true ‘people’s agenda.’

May God bless our leaders, guiding and blessing Donald Trump, the first lady and the Trump administration, blessing John Kasich, Jimmy Carter, Jeff Flake and all who represent the centrist position in America, blessing Rabbi Myers, Pope Francis and God’s world faith community.

May God bless those whose legacies are helping us even now in restoring hiss traditional values and the spirit of the American Dream. May God bless the United States of America.

Elizabeth Hinesley,

Delray Beach