Letters to the Editor

Scott’s false advertising

Gov. Scott, as the CEO of Columbia/HCA, oversaw the largest Medicare fraud up to that time. Now we see his campaign advertisement charging that Charlie Crist somehow allowed convicted swindler Scott Rothstein to buy the appointment of judges.

However, few judges in Florida are appointed. This occurs when a sitting judge leaves a vacancy. Most are elected. Appellate Court judges in Florida are appointed by the governor when there is a vacancy from a list of recommendations provided by the state of Florida’s Judicial Nominating Committee. If, in fact, Rothstein bought judgships, I suspect it would have been a crime. However, as far as I know, Crist was never charged with any wrongdoing regarding the appointment of judges. It speaks volumes that the Scott campaign must turn to a convicted criminal to use in its premiere political advertisement on television.

Paul C. Hunt, South Miami