Letters to the Editor

Child deaths must end

Carol Marbin Miller’s Sept. 13 article, Bound to bed: A girl’s agonizing death, about another innocent child dying, is extremely disturbing. How can one facility have more than 140 neglect or abuse probes, yet still be in business making millions of taxpayer-funded dollars?

Does the fact that the owner of this facility has donated thousands of dollars to the politicians charged with overseeing them have anything to do with them being slapped on the wrist each time it is investigated? Never an admission of guilt, just more false promises to improve training.

Barbara Palmer, director of the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, must either be blind to the situation or is incompetent. For these abuses to continue under her tenure, with virtually no accountability from the people investigated, shows that, once again, corporate influences trump the people whom government agencies are there to protect.

When will this madness end? Do we have to have another innocent victim die, or will our governor, Legislature, or government agency finally do the right thing?

Oscar Friedman, Cooper City