Letters to the Editor

Don’t blame Wexford for prison problems

Re the Sept. 9 story Group sues over alleged abuses at Dade Correctional: I would like to clarify that Wexford Health has been the healthcare contractor at Dade Correctional Institution for less than 18 months. We became responsible for providing services at that facility as of March 24, 2013. The majority of the incidents referenced in the Disability Rights Florida lawsuit occurred prior to Wexford Health employing any personnel at DCI.

Wexford Health currently has directives in place instructing our employees to report threatened or actual violence within a facility to their manager, security staff and/or our human resources department. Additionally, in keeping with the department’s efforts to increase transparency and accountability, we are reinforcing our existing policy on incident reporting by requiring our Florida personnel to attend in-service training on that topic.

Wendelyn Pekich, director, marketing & communications, Wexford Health Sources, Pittsburgh, Pa.