Letters to the Editor

Books v. tablets: Educators grapple with the best way to read

I am disgusted and shocked that Miami-Dade County School District’s instructional review personnel ordered the removal of Audrey Silverman’s literature books from her classroom at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School. These books consist of masterpieces ranging from essays to short stories and poems.

As public school teachers, our main goal is to instill the love of reading in our students through old and new textbooks. Replacing them with a tablet-based program must never warrant the removal of useful resources to achieve academic success in our classrooms.

The school district’s instructional review team has made an educationally unsound decision. These overseersof education need to be assigned to classrooms to assist teachers. Moreover, the members of this elite spy review club and the Educational Transformation Office, should walk in a teacher’s shoes for a week.

Having tablet-based literature programs does not support a more interactive learning environment. On the contrary, internet connections frequently have glitches or do not work at all.

Shame on our district for not allowing teachers to hold onto their old teaching materials! Any teacher who uses material in a classroom that makes a student fall in love with a short story, poem or essay should be heralded as a highly effective and successful teacher. In addition, I am extremely disappointed in United Teachers of Dade President Karla Hernandez-Mats’ response.

Miami-Dade Public School District and UTD should focus their time on overseeing the hundreds of brand new textbooks that are thrown out in school dumpsters because they are deemed to be old or out of adoption!

Mayade Ersoff,

Palmetto Bay