Letters to the Editor

A strong, accountable mayor is progress for Miami

The benefits of a strong and accountable mayoral system have been evident with the many successes we’ve been able to bring to Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando.

Without this system, Jacksonville would have been unable to add 180 positions to the Sheriff’s office to increase public safety. In Tampa, the Riverwalk may never have been completed, a feat which took the effort of six previous Tampa mayors and more than 40 years of planning and construction.

Additionally, Orlando would not have been able to break ground on many public development projects throughout the city, such as SunRail, which is both the nation’s first high speed rail line and the region’s first-ever commuter rail system. We are proud of these successes, which are owed in large part to the public trust that has been placed in our leadership through the strong and accountable mayor system.

As our cities, and most major cities in the United States, have benefited from a strong and accountable mayor system, so should Miami. It’s clear that Miami needs to embrace a strong and accountable mayor.

We hope that Miami’s citizens will enact this long-overdue reform by supporting ballot measure Number 382 on Nov. 6.

Buddy Dyer,

Mayor of Orlando

Bob Buckhorn,

Mayor of Tampa Bay

Lenny Curry,

Mayor of Jacksonville

NOTE: City of Miami voters will be asked this question:

Shall the Miami Charter be amended to change to a strong mayor-commission form of government; replace city manager with the mayor; mayor serves as nonvoting, non-member commission chair; grant mayor power to appoint and remove city attorney, city clerk, police and fire chief, department directors and employees; change filling mayoral vacancy and pay formula; adopt state recall procedure; provide other mayoral and commission powers and changes; and make effective immediately?