Letters to the Editor

Kavanaugh should not be on the Supreme Court

I am nauseated by the hypocrisy of the GOP regarding Christine Ford’s accusations.

What’s so frustrating is that it is evident Ford is telling the truth, but the GOP is pretending she isn’t, so as to get a sycophant of Trump on the court so he can protect him from Mueller.

The idea that a woman with a brilliant career and seemingly great family life would risk it all to defame a judge is preposterous. Even more so when you consider that according to college friends, she exhibited classic PTSD symptoms; she told her husband and therapist in 2012 that Kavanaugh tried to rape her; she said he was stumbling drunk; and that Mark Judge, the other boy in the room, wrote a book, Wasted: Tales of a Gen X Drunk, in which he describes a friend — Bart O’Kavanaugh — as a puking drunk.

Additionally, Kavanaugh, in his high school year book, cites his own membership in “the Beach Week Ralph Club.” This took place during summer, which is when Ford says he assaulted her.

Ford passed a polygraph administered by a former FBI polygrapher. Polygraphs are so reliable that virtually every law enforcement agency in U.S.A. uses them.

They are admissible at a judge’s discretion, in court in the 11th Judicial circuit(all federal courts in Florida and Georgia).

A confirmation hearing is not a criminal trial. The nominee is not presumed innocent nor presumed fit. The purpose of the hearing is to determine fitness to hold the office or appointment.

While I’ve never heard a precise standard of proof articulated, it would appear that a nominee must at least satisfy the Senate that he or she is qualified by a preponderance of the evidence.

In applying that standard to Ford’s testimony, and in conjunction with all the aforementioned circumstances, it is clear that Kavanaugh is unfit to serve as a Supreme Court Justice.

Jay Levine,

West Kendall