Letters to the Editor

What’s bad for the economy? Tariffs

The world has been moving toward a global economy since Eric the Red discovered North America around year 900.

Since then, companies have evolved into global enterprises with offices in major cities in most continents while manufacturing components in one country and assembling finished products in another.

This global interconnected economic system has been accelerating in recent times due to evolving technologies. It is one of the factors that has brought underdeveloped areas like Africa, Latin America, and Asia into the fabric of global commerce and elevated the standard of living for people in those areas.

Occasionally, trade tariffs have been used to protect a nation’s domestic production of goods against cheaper goods being imported from another nation. This is a tax collected by the importing nation. It makes the product more expensive, leading to lower demand. This leads to fewer jobs in the countries where the product is produced, depressing that country’s economy and causing the people and companies there to buy less from the country that levied the tariff, leading to job losses there, as well.

Will America wake up to realize the track it has chosen with our present leadership is not the best? We need leaders who understand the lessons of history, realities of global trends, and place these ahead of the special interests of political parties. We need leaders who represent Middle America,

How do we get such leaders? By replacing most of the present ones in Washington with those focused on the real issues rather than on our private lives. When you vote — and you must vote — vote for someone you think will be good for the country. Don’t vote just to get rid of someone. If no one good is running, run yourself for office. Our country desperately needs the best people.

Gunther Karger,