Letters to the Editor

Please take care of our American flags, or just don’t bother flying them

On Sept. 11, I was sitting in the waiting area of the United Teachers of Dade (UTD) to get some advice on retirement.

I’ve been a social studies teacher for about 30 years.

But before that, I was a U.S. Army Infantry captain.

The building where the UTD has its offices is flying the national and state flags.

It brought tears to my eyes to see the once proud colors tattered, fading and totally disrespected.

I asked the staff member at my appointment — and being from a military family himself — he said he’d get right on that.

But for businesses and municipalities that fly the American flag to show respect, and then just forget to pay attention to caring for the flag, well, in terms of care... why bother?

If you’re going to fly the flag, do it, do it right.

All businesses and municipalities should, as a matter of policy, replace their flags every January 1.

They should make sure to get an all-weather, high wind speed flag that will last and endure.

If you’re going to fly the flag 24/7, have a spotlight shining up at the colors.

If not, take it down at sunset and fold it properly, making certain it does not touch the ground.

If you have an old flag like those here at UTD, contact the Boy Scouts of America for proper disposal.

For God’s sake, do not toss it in the trash.

If you claim to respect the sacrifices of those who keep us free, then respect the flag that flies above their final resting place and above the land they died for.

I hope you print my letter.

Jim Kononoff,

Coral Gables