Letters to the Editor

Parents should experience a mass shooter drill

Our kids have already had three code red mass shooter drills. They are asked to hide in closets or under desks, turn off lights. Some older kids are being trained with bleed kits. They are told not to open doors, even if their friends are outside. Kindergarteners are given lollipops to stay quiet and teachers are resorting to various ways of teaching young children mass shooter drill rules; some to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little star.”

Instead of asking, “What can we do as a society to make this not be a reality anymore,” businesses are trying to capitalize on the death of our children. Insurance companies are trying to sell schools mass shooter policies based on security evaluations. Bullet-proof backpacks and shields are being touted; so are bullet-proof rooms and bullet-proof glass. All this, instead of implementing common sense gun regulations, like licensing, registration and gun safety training, to stop this epidemic.

But I understand now how we let it get to this point and why people aren’t determined to end this. Because everyone thinks: “It’s not in my back yard.”

Admittedly, I was the same. I saw Sandy Hook and thought, “Oh how terrible.” And then I went back to work. Until it happened at my school: Stoneman Douglas.

I consider myself unbelievably lucky that my daughter came home that day. I can not even bring myself to think of “what if;” it is too painful. I can not imagine how the parents of the 17 students find the strength every day, yet they do. In a country this rich, this advanced, can we really not do better?

The only way parents are really going to get it is the day it hits home. Every parent of every K-12 child must sit in on a red code mass shooter drill and experience it themselves. It is in your backyard and your kids are affected, now.

Darlene Arman,

Coral springs