Letters to the Editor

FIU name dispute is a slap to ex-president Mitch Maidique

I was astounded to read in the Aug. 21 Miami Herald that the general counsel and board of trustees of Florida International University met to consider the removal of Modesto “Mitch” Maidique’s name from the institution’s main campus.

This citizen of Miami, praised nationally for his dedication to the now large institution, who spent in excess of 20 years as its driving force, absolutely deserves the minimal recognition of having his name on its main campus.

What kind of board is fostering this seemingly spiteful behavior because Maidique rendered criticism at current actions?

This is a free country and one’s opinions are just that.

Shame on them. Incidentally, the provost is incorrect or consciously misinforming his peers.

Universities do name campuses after persons who have served.

Does he have Google? He should use it.

FIU and the entire Miami community is indebted to Mitch Maidique for his foresight and leadership.

To suggest that schools are named for persons who donate big money as the way for recognition is a sad statement on the state of affairs of FIU’s governing board.

Schools need money to survive, but also need more brilliant leaders to chart the course and see that the money is wisely spent.

Without committed, brilliant leadership schools can not attract donors.

Maidique will always be the captain who steered FIU, whether this hostile, spiteful action is taken or not.

I hope the members who did not attend the Biltmore meeting will override those who did.

J. Shepard,