Letters to the Editor

Greyhound racing

Thanks to Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the United States and Christine Dorchak of Grey2K USA for the informative May 11 Other Views piece, Florida government should not prop up this bad ‘sport.’

Considering the state Legislature’s failure to agree on a budget, or even continue negotiating until the end of the session, passing HB 1233 to decouple greyhound racing from gambling should be an easy vote to save millions of taxpayer dollars.

Greyhound racing isn’t only irrelevant to most gamblers, but it’s also profoundly cruel to the dogs and completely unnecessary.

Gambling will survive the loss of greyhound racing but, sadly, many of the dogs don’t survive this anachronistic “sport.”

Contacting legislators to strongly request immediate action in the summer session could help secure the passage of HB 1233.

Taxpayers don’t need to subsidize this industry any longer.

Arlene Adams Easley, Coral Gables