Letters to the Editor

Taxes and tolls

Local politicians, alias administrators, have no shame. In the Sept. 18 Miami Herald, I found four notices of proposed tax increases for the Village of Palmetto Bay, the Town of Golden Beach, Bal Harbour Village and the biggest surprise of all, the city of Miami.

With all the new high-priced condo units added to the tax rolls in the last couple of years, and thousands more to be added in the next three years, Miami should be flush with cash because service has remained the same or maybe even reduced.

Are we using all that extra income subsidizing Marlins Park and all these museums popping up everywhere?

Where is all this extra income going? Meanwhile, Miami residents get taxed from the city of Miami and from Miami-Dade via tax increases.

And how about the hidden tax increase provided by Miami-Dade Expressway Authority?

They say that all roads lead to Rome, but here, all roads lead to a toll.

Manuel Perez,