Letters to the Editor

It’s ‘Carnival Tower’

As chair-elect of the Performing Arts Center Trust, I was so proud and excited about the opportunity to celebrate two institutions that support South Florida’s cultural infrastructure, Carnival Corp. and Books & Books.

In the Sept. 18 story, Turning a page, Books & Books is “moving into the historic former Sears Tower.”

According to us at the Trust, Books & Books is moving into the historic Carnival Tower which carries that name for a reason. Carnival and the Arison family were founding donors to the center and their contributions have made the Performing Arts Center possible.

More than 20 years ago, after Sears had abandoned downtown Miami, Ted Arison and Carnival stepped up with the first major contribution to the nascent effort to create a world-class performing arts center in Miami.

At the time, conventional wisdom was that this was a pipe dream, just like it was a dream to secure an NBA franchise or a world-class book fair, as Mitchell Kaplan has done, or a world-class cruise industry in Miami.

Since then, Carnival, the Carnival Foundation and the Arison family have repeatedly doubled down on their commitment to downtown Miami and our cultural community.

Alan H. Fein, Miami