Letters to the Editor

Misplaced blame

Yasmine Bahrani’s Sept. 7 Other Views column, When will we take back Islam? is a sincere and well-meaning piece, but her blame is misplaced.

Today, many terrorist groups across the world are conveniently associated with Islam, why not with those who created a favorable playing field to let these thugs flourish, and those who sell them lethal weapons.

It a very simplistic for her to absolve the United States.

Invasion of Iraq was a monumental mistake with horrendous consequences. This conflict that created millions of displaced, injured and orphans who most likely will grow-up hating us; even choosing terrorism.

Her argument that Muslims haven’t denounced the culprits is ill-informed. Locally, the Coalition of South Florida Muslim Organizations has categorically rejected any violence against innocent people, like including the killing of Steven Sotloff a member of our community.

Nationally, the Council on American Islamic Relations called ISIS “not only un-Islamic, but anti-Islamic.” Internationally, as she cited, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an eminent Muslim scholar, declared ISIS an illegitimate entity to represent Islam.

Unfortunately such news rarely makes the media. Most Muslim institutions in the West are still in the formative stage; they often join interfaith partners in rejecting the wrong.

Mohammad Shakir, Miami Shores