Letters to the Editor

Fighting pediatric cancer with the help of tattoos

I am the founder and executive director of a new and innovative children’s cancer organization, the Hope vs Cancer Foundation.

The Hope vs Cancer Foundation, located right here in Miami, is multifaceted, with three primary functions: spreading awareness of childhood cancer, raising research and clinical trial funding for children’s cancer, and most importantly, lifting children’s spirits as they are undergoing treatment.

The tattoo community around the world is uniting to combat pediatric cancer, and donated traditional tattoo artwork is mailed to the foundation daily. The heartfelt artwork is manufactured into FDA-approved dermal contact temporary tattoos, which are then sent out to pediatric cancer centers and families all over the U.S.

Going through chemotherapy is emotionally and physically devastating to children. Fear, anxiety, stress, and sometimes painful procedures are a daily routine for these kids, but our temporary tattoos provide an escape, mental edge, and psychological boost to keep their spirits high for their terrible battle.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and we are developing some impressive programs. One special event is Hope vs Cancer Week, where participating tattoo shops around the world will raise money for the foundation, and then present their totals on a huge check painted in their style, just as they did for the tattoos. All this will be live on our social media pages.

Children can request a custom made tattoo kit box, where they will receive a series of our i tattoos and other booth products and can set up shop to tattoo in their community to help fund donations.

Please check out our site, hopevscancer.org and see how getting tattoos changes a sick child’s demeanor.

Tyler Stover,

CEO and Executive Director,

Hope vs Cancer Foundation,