Letters to the Editor

Wildlife and native plants thrive at Turkey Point

It’s disappointing that the Herald continues to publish letters by Barry White, who runs the Citizens Allied for Safe Energy, known for promoting false and misleading information. His July 19 letter, “There’s no leadership in cleaning Florida’s pollution,” is a new low.

White shamefully attempts to exploit a real issue that has made statewide news in recent weeks. As a Martin County resident who lives near the St. Lucie River, I fully understand the challenges associated with the algae in Lake Okeechobee and can confidently say there is no comparison to Turkey Point’s Cooling Canal System.

The Turkey Point (TP) power plant has absolutely nothing to do with the lake’s discharge crisis in any way, shape or form.

White’s claims that TP’s cooling canal system is “killing mangroves” and that the area’s crocodiles are “long gone” are pure fiction. The American Crocodile population and mangroves are flourishing like never before. Just this month, our biologists recorded more than 170 healthy crocodile hatchlings in the canals. Canal berms continue to provide ideal nesting conditions, as they have for decades. In fact, TP has long been credited as a major reason for the recovery of this once-endangered species.

FPL has restored thousands of acres around TP. The property is home to a diverse array of wildlife, such as spoonbills, owls, bobcats, sea turtles and manatees, and is filled with sawgrass, mangroves, tree islands and many other native species.

Turkey Point’scontinued safe operation is essential to South Florida economically and environmentally. The hundreds of FPL employees who work there are committed to ensuring the facility is always in full compliance with all federal, state and county regulations.

Amy Albury,

environmental services director,

FPL, Palm City