Letters to the Editor

Some foundations are helping Puerto Ricans recover

I read with great interest the July 26 op-ed in the Miami Herald, “Philanthropic foundations have yet to come through for hurricane-torn Puerto Rico.”

The devastating impacts of Hurricane Maria remain, and the story of Puerto Ricans attempting to recover, should continue to be front and center in the media and beyond.

However, contrary to this viewpoint, some foundations and philanthropic organizations have stepped up in a huge way to support those severely affected and displaced by the hurricane.

The Carnegie Corporation of New York and Knight Foundation have donated nearly $700,000 to Miami Dade College (MDC) to help displaced Puerto Rican students continue their education and stay on track toward degree completion, which is critically important. They have also supported other institutions in the region.

These funds have made it possible for nearly 200 Puerto Rican students to study at MDC free of charge and receive other critical support and resources.

In addition, Miami Marlins CEO and part owner Derek Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation, and the Posada Family Foundation, partnered with MDC and other institutions to provide furniture and appliances to the families of displaced Puerto Rican students.

These foundations are to be commended for increasing the standard of quality of philanthropy, and others should follow their lead and help Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria better and more beautiful than ever.

Puerto Ricans are our fellow Americans, and helping our brothers and sisters in need is a cornerstone of our nation.

Eduardo J. Padrón,


Miami Dade College,