Letters to the Editor

Insecure about your ballot? Try absentee voting

Political observers this week employed a bountiful list of adjectives to describe President Donald J. Trump’s indefensible flip-flops on whether Russia hacked American democracy in 2016.

And despite clear-cut evidence presented to him by his own intelligence experts, Trump has sunk even deeper in denial and refuses to acknowledge the very real threat that Russia poses to this year’s mid-term election cycle.

While many congressional Republicans agree that Russia played a supporting role in the election that propelled Trump to victory in Florida and in the White House, they are unwilling to appropriate the funding necessary to protect the nation’s ballot boxes from additional meddling.

Before heading home for the weekend last Thursday, the House GOP shot down a Democratic motion to restore funding for state election security grants to help fend off future attempts by Russia to attack our elections.

I am outraged as every voter in Florida should be.

Our state is one of 21 targeted by Russian hackers in 2016 and is considered to be vulnerable this year. That is, in part, because many voting sites use electronic machines that do not provide a paper trail.

So, if Russians once again try meddle with our ballots, there will be no way to verify voting results.

Luckily, in Florida you can vote absentee. It is the only vote you can be sure has a paper trail.

It is registered in the Division of Elections’ system and you can actually track your ballot.

It is impossible to overstate how important and powerful your vote is. It is your voice.

It enables you to elect officials who share your values and have your best interest at heart. It should be heard.

But without election security, you cannot be certain that it will be.

Vote absentee.

Frederica S. Wilson,

U.S. Representative