Letters to the Editor

Homeless restrooms

Re the May 14 article Feud over Miami homeless leads to creation of “poop map”: The Miami Downtown Development Authority’s “poop map,” complete with emojis, graphically portrays the city’s own failings.

In the main area covered by the map, how many public restrooms do the 600 or so people living on the streets have access to? Four — and none open at night. The county’s Homeless Trust is right that the focus should be on getting people into housing, but in the meantime, there are constructive steps the city could take.

Since last summer, San Francisco has put mobile, solar-powered bathrooms in areas where homeless people live. Portland, Honolulu, and New York are looking into it. It would be heartening to see Miami join the list.

Stephen Schnably, Dante Trevisani, Benjamin Waxman, plaintiffs’ counsel, Pottinger v. city of Miami