Letters to the Editor

Lime to Miami: No more delays to scooter sharing

In April, Lime launched our electric scooters, offering increased mobility in Miami’s urban core, reducing cars on the road, and increasing access to public transportation. With average ride times of about 15 minutes, Lime scooters are a cost-efficient and sustainable alternative. Forty percent of rides across the country start or stop near public transit stations.In the two months that Lime operated scooter sharing in the city, residents embraced the service with more than 10,000 of them having made nearly 30,000 trips.

As with all new concepts, there are opportunities and challenges. In many cities, regulations were written around car travel. That’s why, from the start, we reached out proactively to City of Miami officials, holding conversations with elected leaders and gaining buy-in from community groups, such as the Wynwood and Coconut Grove Business Improvement Districts. Our goal has been to collaborate with the city on fair, sensible regulations that enable us to best serve Miami while overcoming the initial community learning curves of a new form of transportation.

As city commissioners consider regulations, we hope they don’t create complicated parking regulations that would confuse riders.

Lime Scooters are retrieved and charged every 24 hours, resulting in few opportunities for scooter pileups. Additionally, we ask city commissioners to respond to the overwhelming support for scooter sharing, and consider fair and sensible legislation to reinstate this innovative transportation alternative. . Postponing review another two weeks would continue to inconvenience residents and visitors who rely on the scooters to navigate traffic. Lime looks forward to continuing to work with the city to bring back this alternative form of transportation.

Jed Fluxman,

general manager,

Lime Miami