Letters to the Editor

No to plastic bags

It all started in Los Angeles County, California, in 2012. They voted to eliminate plastic bags in the grocery stores. Recently, California decided to make the ban statewide in all stores. California estimated the use of 12 billion bags yearly, and less than 5 percent were recycled. Plastic bags take 10 years to 20 yearrs to decompose in our landfills.

I commend Publix for encouraging us all to bring disposable bags when shopping. It provides us with bins to recycle plastic and paper bags as well as Styrofoam trays and egg cartons.

In 2012, I asked some Miami-Dade commissioners, by e-mail, to consider eliminating plastic grocery bags.

The response was not good, and nothing happened. It is time to address eliminating plastic bags again. Just think how much more healthy our landfills would be if each person took reuseable bags when they shopped.

I challenge the mayor and commissioners to consider the ban of plastic bags in Miami Dade County. It could start here and spread statewide, as it did in California.

Linda Allen-Reynolds,

South Miami