Letters to the Editor

Trump’s sleight of hand

Sometimes, in life, it takes one to know one. When I was a little boy, my father took me to see a magic show. I sat in the first row and was mesmerized as the magician manipulated a deck of cards in his right hand and suddenly produced a bouquet of flowers out of the same hand.

During his second trick, as I concentrated on his right hand and sleeve, I was surprised when a rabbit emerged from his left hand. I realized that I was dealing with an expert in deception and distraction. I was determined to figure out how he was fooling us.

I studied the art of prestidigitation and amazed my friends with sponge ball tricks, three-card Monte and even a sword-through-the-head trick.

Through this lens, every one of President Trump’s most outrageous and attention-getting tweets and behaviors can be readily understood as distraction and deception.

The president doesn’t care about the plight of the children crossing the border, our relationship with North Korea, rising sea levels or human rights. Trump cares about only one thing: Donald Trump. All the rest is one big presidential sleight of hand.

Paul Irgang, Coral Gables