Letters to the Editor

Traffic nightmare fix

In reference to Sunday front-page article about traffic, No Way Out: I’m convinced that all of the agencies responsible, including FDOT, MPO, MDT, are clueless. Here’s how you solve the traffic problem in South Florida:

▪ Create three east-west Metrorail lines that connect to the north-south line that runs along U.S. 1. Put one on Southwest Eighth Street, one on Bird Road and one on Kendall Drive.

Put another north-south line in West Miami, that runs along Florida’s Turnpike, turns east on State Road 836 and connects to the Orange Line at Miami International Airport. Connect those new east-west lines to the new north-south line in West Miami. This is what it takes, and it needs to be done.

My advice: Don’t let politics get in the way, start construction by any means necessary, buy up the houses along the east-west lines via eminent domain, or just remove the medians on those streets, and put Metrorail right down the middle.

There, I solved your traffic problem.

Brian Bender, South Miami