Letters to the Editor

New Marlins’ manager

So here we are, one quarter of the way into the new baseball season, the Marlins are 16-22, five games out of the second Wild Card spot and Jeffery Loria has fired Mike Redmond.

In columns published before the season started, with the team brimming with high expectations, Greg Cote suggested baseball fans of South Florida should “forgive and forget” the owner of the Miami Marlins for the mismanagement of the franchise over the past 10 years in terms of being among the league’s lowest salaried teams and hoarding tens of millions of MLB revenue-sharing dollars.

There were, and still are, high hopes for this season based on the new contracts for Stanton and Yellich, numerous other roster moves, hope that Jose Fernandez can return to rookie form and that there are still 124 games to go. These are all encouraging signs.

Now Dan Jennings becomes the ninth manager in just 13 years. There were better candidates, including veteran Dusty Baker and Brett Butler, who has managed in AAA for five years. And remember, baseball managers do not pitch, hit, catch, throw or run.

“Forgiving and forgetting” Loria’s actions over a 10-year period is hard to do based on his track record, and fans could see this coming after his initial public agitation over the slow start to the season.

Mitchell J. Schlesinger, Miami