Letters to the Editor

Improving parking in Miami

In light of the recent negative news surrounding parking operations within Miami-Dade County (5 employees suspended after inquiry, May 7), I want to stress the transparency and integrity with which the Miami Parking Authority runs.

As a semi-autonomous agency, our mission is to make the parking experience convenient, affordable and safe for residents and visitors. In doing so, we continue to exemplify a culture of integrity and accountability.

While our main priority is to meet the city’s parking needs, we are also committed to our role as parking trendsetters — constantly pursuing new opportunities in a proactive manner to ensure that our community is receiving the most cutting-edge parking innovations in a city that is rapidly evolving.

Last year, for example, MPA launched a predominantly virtual parking program in the Wynwood Business District to ease traffic congestion, increase safety and enhance mobility in that rapidly growing area of Miami.

We are involved in a number of projects to build additional parking and provide transportation alternatives. We’re evaluating the possibility of establishing a parking circulator, which provides customers with a shuttle downtown.

We are in conversation with other organizations to explore opportunities for a number of public-private partnerships, allowing MPA to join forces with trailblazing groups with solid track records of innovation.

As the agency in charge of managing and developing on- and off-street parking within city boundaries, we are always open to opportunity, expansion and innovation to remain one step ahead of demand while staying true to our commitment to excellent customer service, fiscal transparency, public accountability and effective governance.

Thomas Jelke, chairman, Miami Parking Authority Board, Miami