Letters to the Editor

Greyhound abuse

Thanks to the Miami Herald for bringing attention to the disgraceful treatment of Florida’s racing greyhounds and the state of Florida’s complicity in this cruelty in the Sept. 14 article, Dogs killed as state looks the other way.

While none of this is news to those of us who have been involved in greyhound rescue and advocacy over the years, I’m sure it is an eye-opener to the general public.

Racing greyhounds do not vote and do not make contributions to the political campaigns of those who are in a position to put a stop to their mistreatment, namely our governor and the Florida Legislature.

It is up to Floridians who care about animals to demand action from our elected officials and to demand it now.

Allowing the blatant inhumane treatment of these gentle dogs to continue unabated truly shames us all.

Janet Skinner, Palm Harbor