Letters to the Editor

Local speed trap

When writing about speed-traps and ticket quotas in the Sept. 3 article, Notorious speed-trap town faces ticket-quota scandal, we don’t have to go very far, certainly not to Waldo in North Florida. Right here in our city of Doral there is hardly a driver that hasn’t accumulated a good number of tickets due to speed-traps.

For no obvious reason, the speed limit on certain major streets in Doral, even including the West Dolphin 836 Expressway, changes at the most unexpected and certainly senseless places endangering drivers. The excuse is safety. Really? It’s all about money.

If it really were a safety issue things would have to be handled quite differently. The so-called public servants appointed by our elected officials and paid with our taxes have turned into our enemies in most cases. Lucky the driver who can avoid Doral!

Manuela Rohm, Weston