Letters to the Editor

Lawmakers: MDX has failed Miami-Dade toll payers — again

Another Legislative Session in the Florida Legislature has passed and we have had the honor of continuing to represent residents of Miami-Dade County on statewide issues.

In our time as legislators, we have worked with our constituents to address their most pressing concerns.

A common concern is traffic congestion and excessive toll rates.

For far too long, Miami-Dade County residents have desperately sought transportation solutions and toll reductions.

In 2017, through our efforts and that of Senator Rene Garcia, we introduced legislation to bring much needed toll relief to our hardworking overburdened families.

The legislation required MDX to reduce tolls for SunPass users by 5-10% effective July 1, 2017.

To this day, MDX has refused to comply with Florida law and implement the mandatory toll reduction.

They have failed to provide Miami-Dade toll payers significant and much needed toll relief.

Not only do they fail to abide by Florida’s law requiring toll reduction, but they create and adopt policies for their own benefit at the expense of hardworking families.

For these reasons, we are proud to have championed legislation that would bring additional accountability from MDX.

During the 2018 legislative session, our colleagues passed legislation that requires MDX to comply with the toll reduction or their current board will be dissolved and replaced with a new board that will follow the law.

It is essential for MDX to do the right thing and reduce tolls for the citizens of Miami-Dade, as they are legally required to do.

Enough is enough.

Florida Representatives Jeanette M. Nuñez

Florida Representative

Bryan Avila