Letters to the Editor

Giancarlo Stanton beaning

The baseball beaning in the face that Miami Marlins right fielder Giancarlo Stanton sustained on Thursday night brought back the graphic memories of Angels pitcher Jack Hamilton’s 1967 beaning of Red Sox outfielder Tony Conigliaro.

In eerily similar fashion, the ball struck the left side of Conigliaro’s face, causing fractures and lacerations. After that incident, neither Conigliaro, nor Hamilton, ever played up to their star potential ever again.

In fact, Hamilton was so shaken that he refused to pitch inside to any batter over the next year or so, and ultimately retired from the game because he couldn’t handle the pressure of being known as the man who ruined the career of the Red Sox’s most popular player.

Conigliaro, as a result of the beaning, developed eyesight issues, and had trouble seeing the ball after that incident. Obviously, both careers were cut short.

Please pray for both of these players that this recent incident isn’t a repeat of that 1967 tragedy.

Douglas Reese, Palmetto Bay