Letters to the Editor

Paradise at risk

Back in 1983, artist Christo’s “Surrounded Islands” project on Biscayne Bay got world-wide publicity and huge artistic and financial benefits for Miami.

The project went through more than a year of rigorous scrutiny by federal, state and local government agencies to make sure that it would not cause environmental damage to Biscayne Bay and the islands.

I participated in those meetings representing the New World Festival, the sponsor of the Christo project.

It is unbelievable that the Miami International Boat Show proposed for Virginia Key at the Marine Stadium site should not receive this kind of scrutiny.

Virginia Key has most of the fauna in the Everglades along with much of our native flora, carefully being restored and enhanced by experts over decades.

The prospect of the environmental ruin of the area near the stadium as described in the May 7 article, Federal review adds to Miami boat show debate, is counter to what Miami once was and should remain, a tropical paradise.

Judith Hancock Sandoval, Miami