Letters to the Editor

Wealth inequality

I hope the irony of two Sept. 5 articles, Protest for higher pay and Priciest pad on the market, wasn’t lost on readers.

One article featured low-wage workers demanding that their pitifully low wages be increased to $15 per hour, which is arguably still not enough to lift them from poverty. Some were arrested.

The other announced the sale price of $139 million for a 60,000-square-foot Hillsboro Beach mansion replete with a $2-million marble staircase, six waterfalls and a 30-car underground garage.

Income and wealth inequality in our country is beyond obscene. Recent Supreme Court decisions giving the ultra-wealthy even more advantage in the political process will surely make things worse. The only alternative to the political process for underpaid workers is to take their grievances to the streets, which is sure to happen.

Gary Waters, Cooper City