Letters to the Editor

Florida’s problem

Everything Gov. Rick Scott needs to know about Washington he can learn in Tallahassee as reported in the May 6 article Gov. Rick Scott talks with feds over healthcare funding crisis — and comes up empty. Railing against Washington is more than a favorite pastime of most governors, it's how they get elected.

When their state faces a billion dollar budget gap, the governor then turns to Washington with a single request — give us the money we need. Yet few governors are as brazen as Scott. What was he thinking? Perhaps that U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell would overlook Florida's pending lawsuit and give the state $2.2 billion?

His visit to Washington confirmed the Florida’s hospital funding shortfall is the state's problem, not taxpayers across the U.S. Now Tallahassee can act in the best interests of its taxpayers.