Letters to the Editor

Bad negotiation

The May 4 article Worldcenter deal falls short exposes how local government operates when it comes to tax breaks for developers.

Without any real community involvement from real working people, the CRA set low benchmarks for the developer. According to the article, $12.83 with no benefits is a living wage. I would like to see our commissioners and the CRA board of directors manage that. They also got no wage commitments for any permanent jobs. Penalties for failure to meet goals are favorable to the developers. New York, Oakland and the state of Connecticut had much better negotiators, allowing community groups to bargain for the wages they want.

A project of this size should be required to set up skilled tradesmen apprenticeship programs for people within the CRA. We need someone to look at what is acceptable in the progressive cities in our nation. Look at the empty storefronts at the Marlins parking garage, paid for with our taxes. When the CRA doesn’t understand what tremendous leverage they have with developers, our community loses the wrestling match.

Lee Jacobs, Miami

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