Letters to the Editor

No to Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio is just as bad as all the other Republican candidates. The fact that Rubio is Latino doesn’t change the reality that he’s dead wrong for our community.

He’s built his career crusading against values we believe in. Last month, he laid out his plan to attack Obamacare and end Medicare. Our community has benefited greatly from Obamacare — 2.6 million more Latinos now have healthcare than did in 2013.

He has voted on legislation that could deport DREAMers. On climate change, he ignores science, claiming he doesn’t “believe human activity is causing these dramatic changes.”

Rubio said he doesn’t “think a minimum-wage law works.” That means he’s fine with workers getting paid $5 a day if an employer wants. Let’s see him try to live on that.

Instead of supporting good policies, Rubio bends over backwards to appease billionaires and far-right extremists. We need a president who will protect DREAMers, fight climate change and promote policies that help our country. That’s not Marco Rubio.

Dolores Huerta, board member, People For the American Way, Miami