Letters to the Editor

Uninsured workers

We can’t let the Florida House keep playing politics with people’s lives — like mine. I’m one of the have-nots — one of almost a million uninsured people in the Florida coverage gap.

Some may think we don’t take personal responsibility or are looking for handouts. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’re your fellow hard-working Floridians, looking for a hand up.

I’m a single mother, working long and hard for my money.

But what do I do without health benefits or the income to pay for private insurance? Last time I went to a doctor for help I was refused care because I was uninsured and couldn’t pay cash. What if serious illness strikes? Go bankrupt, homeless — or die? That awful fear and insecurity is a two-ton weight on me, just like for hundreds of thousands of other working families in the coverage gap.

While we wait for House members to get back to work, call and ask them: What happened to, “There but for the grace of God go I” as a guiding principle for all people of good conscience — including partisan politicians? Then, tell them to close the gap.

Gail Jones, Opa-locka