Letters to the Editor

Youth Fair won’t split

As a Miami-Dade resident, business owner and Florida International University alumnus, I know that FIU plays a pivotal role as an economic engine by educating Miami’s future workforce and fostering entrepreneurship in our community.

That’s why I’m disappointed by the fair’s unwillingness to find common ground with FIU so that the university can fulfill the mandate of almost 65 percent of Miami-Dade voters who supported FIU’s expansion unto the fairgrounds.

The fair dismissed a proposal that it move to fairgrounds equipped with temporary buildings and structures that could be removed once the three-week event ends.

The article also references a 2013 consultant study that estimated reproducing the fairgrounds’ existing buildings at a new location would cost about $70 million. However, the study is outdated.

The solution on the table would allow the Fair to keep the permanent buildings at Tamiami for its year-round expo events and moving the annual fair to a more strategic location like Sun Life Stadium with reach to Broward and Dade County residents. This is a winning proposal for all.

Juan Del Busto, chairman and CEO, Del Busto Capital Partners, Miami