Letters to the Editor

NAACP and solar power support

The Herald broke an unblemished record with Fred Grimm’s March 5 column, In battle for solar, strange bedfellows.

The Florida NAACP is concerned that rooftop solar pricing sometimes regressively shifts grid maintenance costs to the non-solar and generally lower income consumers — but the only reason Grimm could think of for our position is that sometimes utilities make charitable donations to us. The Florida NAACP pulls no punches, does its own thinking and cannot be bought.

Grimm also stated that the Florida NAACP “has embraced” the argument that solar consumers should be barred from selling electricity to other consumers. That is not true. We have taken no position on this subject.

And finally, Grimm said that our position on rooftop solar “seems at odds with the national board of the NAACP.” Completely untrue. In February, the National NAACP Board adopted a policy statement on net metering that the Florida State Conference helped write and I voted for with enthusiasm. The resolution confirms the NAACP’s long-term and enthusiastic support for solar energy, and it confirms that the NAACP and all of its units “will advocate for [net metering] pricing structures that are fair and do not unduly burden low income ratepayers.”

Adora Obi Nweze, president, Florida State Conference of Branches, NAACP, Fort Lauderdale