Letters to the Editor

Higher-ed failures

As the former director of communications and consumer education for the Connecticut Dept. of Consumer Protection for 23 years, I am appalled at the lack of marketplace protections offered to Floridians.

The superb series on the devastation suffered by students at for-profit schools exposed what amounts to economic mugging, a crime ignored by those entrusted to prevent it: the governor, the attorney general and the Legislature.

This scandal is just one of a long, sad list of consumer-protection failures in Florida.

And we are all victims: The students burdened with huge debts from schools that left them unprepared to secure jobs with which to pay off their loans; the taxpayers who must absorb the unpaid federal grants; and every patient who encounters a physical therapist, nurse or other medical “professional” who graduated from unaccredited programs.

We learn of thousands of students, trying to improve their lives and being ripped off by an incestuous system where the oversight agency, the Commission for Independent Education, is composed of executives of the very for-profit schools that have taken advantage of them.

This series will help prevent many of the economic tragedies that elected officials not only ignore, but profit from.

June Neal, Delray Beach