Letters to the Editor

Gabby’s law not passed

On June 1, 2010 my 12-year-old daughter, Gabby Mair, was hit and killed by a careless motorist at her school bus stop in Volusia County. Since then I’ve researched the laws and rules in place to protect students at school bus stops and have lobbied legislators to update existing laws and do more to protect students.

For years I had been ignored, but this year two legislators filed a bill that would be the steppingstone to a full student-safety act. Sen. David Simmons and Rep. Irv Slosberg filed legislation that would have been called “Gabby’s Law for School Bus Stop Safety.”

SB 346 passed its first two committees quickly and unanimously, but there was no movement on HB 487. I tried calling and emailing every member of the committee and what I found out sickens me. Rep. Jose Oliva wouldn’t allow HB 487 to be read because Rep. Slosberg, a Democrat, filed it. How can political party squabbling stand in the way of protecting students? The bill would have increased the penalties for illegally passing a stopped school bus and all revenue would have gone to trauma centers. It benefited all of Florida.

Miami should be ashamed to have elected a man like that who clearly doesn’t care about students or the people of Florida.

Donald Mair, Deltona