Letters to the Editor

Unethical for-profit colleges

Kudos on the investigative series Higher ed hustle, which exposes the unethical and brutal practices by many for-profit colleges in Florida.

I have been tracking these issues since 2009 when the Florida Legislature eliminated the oversight of the approval of new programs from the Board of Nursing. I was naïve to believe that I could influence policy and stop the negative outcomes. Investigative reporting has been the primary weapon nationally for exposing the for-profit school issue. Money and special interests have a stronger voice than sound, moral policy that protects the people, often the most vulnerable.

Lawmakers have a responsibility to base their decisions on best practices that will protect the citizens of Florida. When it comes to making policy regarding nursing education it would be prudent to engage professional nurses with expertise and experience in nursing regulation rather than those who are looking for profit.

Ann-Lynn Denker, Miami