Letters to the Editor

Principles of law

President Eisenhower declared May 1 Law Day to honor the role of law in the creation of the United States. This year’s theme is Magna Carta: Symbol of Freedom Under Law, in recognition of this historic document’s 800th anniversary.

The U.S. Constitution contains echoes of the Magna Carta. It has been called the single most important legal document in history, and is the origin of the right to a fair trial, due process and protections from cruel and unusual punishments.

As part of our civic mission to give back to the community and to celebrate Law Day, the Coral Gables Bar Association is sponsoring an essay contest and a mock trial for the students of Coral Gables High School. Our goal is to show them how essential the rule of law is to our justice system and culture.

In the face of increasing threats to individual liberty across the globe, it is incumbent upon us to pass along to the next generation the Magna Cart’s enduring principles and to support efforts that advance the principle of freedom under the law at home and abroad.

Blake S. Sando, president, Coral Gables Bar Association, Coral Gables