Letters to the Editor

Economic recovery

The current GOP attack on President Obama is twofold — the deficit is still too large and the economy isn’t growing fast enough.

Any economic recovery has its roots in the president’s 2009 stimulus package that saved America from another Depression. Back then, Mitt Romney wrote an op-ed that claimed the stimulus would fail because it wasn’t large enough.

He was right. Only more spending would have spurred a recovery that generated enough revenue to eliminate the deficit. The intransigence of tea-party Republicans sabotaged, intentionally or not, any hope for a booming economy.

Obama has increased the national debt by 50 percent. In contrast, Ronald Reagan doubled the national debt back when the GOP called that “prosperity.” The last Republican president to eliminate the annual deficit was Herbert Hoover in 1929, an act that converted an economic recession into the Great Depression.

James Wilson, Plantation