Letters to the Editor

Government rip-offs

It was sad, but not surprising, to read about the for-profit schools that ripped off needy students in the series Higher ed hustle.

But this must remind us of the recent housing bubble caused by greedy home loan practices, where hopeful homeowners were led on by unsustainable promises of great riches all in the name of helping the poor and middle class. Behind it all is the same predatory lender, an organization that backs funding for those that can’t afford it, that promises windfalls based on impossible economics.

This lender is none other than our federal government and the supporting politicians who, like in Venezuela, provide giveaways to the poor in a masterful Ponzi scheme. The for-profit schools that have manipulated students deserve our disgust, but I reserve my true condemnation for the government practices that make these wretched schemes possible. How sad.

Rolando Rodriguez, Miami Beach