Letters to the Editor

FPL, county reach bad deal on cooling canals

Smoke and mirrors, obfuscation, the card is up their sleeves. This fix is a ruse.

The plan for the proposed Turkey Point Nuclear Reactors 6 and 7 includes the use of reclaimed water from the Miami-Dade in the cooling towers.

But, as others have found, the cost of removing phosphorus and nitrogen from the water which the county would deliver to FPL is so great that the back up system using seawater would have to be used.

This FPL/county plan solves FPL’s problem by getting the county to share the cost for usable water for future reactors 6 and 7. And the net 30 million gallons per day (MGD) for the canals is a drop in the bucket. The canals hold over 3 billion gallons of water and over 45 MGD of freshwater evaporates daily. Further, there is a limited supply of freshwater in South Florida and using it in this way is ludicrous.

The cooling canals were an ill-conceived, shoot from the hip solution to save 500 acres of sea grass by destroying 6,000 acres of pristine Everglades wetland and resulting in unfathomable pollution in the area including carcinogenic chemicals and liquid radiological waste. The canals are on a death spiral which started when they cranked it up, on October 2015, to satisfy a county Notice of Violation, which included a fine for polluting the waters around the canal system. FPL entered into a Consent Agreement to provide a fix within one year.

To date FPL has not provided a satisfactory solution to the problem and is now subject to a daily fine for not doing so. This FPL/county fix is a questionable attempt to satisfy the Consent Agreement. And the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department is under the gun from the feds to start reclaiming water; this ain’t the way. We must unmask this plan and reject it.

Barry J. White,


Citizens Allied for Safe

Energy, Inc.,